While you can find many off-the-shelf options for radar detectors, a custom radar installation solution for your car offers several distinct advantages that make it the right choice for any true driving aficionado. The Samm Sound experts were polled and these were their top 5 reasons why you should opt for a custom radar detector installation:

1. Performance

A custom radar detector is configured to your specific vehicle. While off-the-shelf radar detectors can fit into any vehicle, they offer different levels of performance for different types of vehicles. When you opt for a custom radar detector installation, you’re getting one that’s tailored to your specific type of vehicle and it will likely outshine the performance of any boxed radar detector. Additionally, a custom radar system will turn on and off with your ignition, so you never have to worry about accidentally forgetting to engage your radar detector before hitting the road.

2. Aesthetic Appeal

A radar detector off the shelf won’t add much in terms of looks to your vehicle. In fact, many of them are obtrusive and ultimately unpleasant to look at. Boxed radar detectors are usually dashboard-mounted and may entice thieves to break into your vehicle, but an installed custom radar unit doesn’t protrude and won’t make your vehicle a juicy target for break-ins.

3. Sensitivity

If you buy a boxed radar detector that mounts on your dash, the sensor must fit inside the control unit, limiting its sensitivity. A custom-installed radar detector doesn’t have this limitation, so the radar sensor is more sensitive. It’s also possible to integrate front and rear sensors with individual indicators for each, allowing you to avoid radar detection more effectively from multiple angles with greater accuracy.

4. Controls

When you purchase a boxed radar detector, you control it by reaching to its mounted position and fumbling with its included controls. Sometimes it can be difficult to use these controls with one hand, but an integrated custom radar system doesn’t have this problem. Depending on the type of integrated custom radar system you choose, you may have several options for configuring the controls for your radar detector, making it as simple and easy as adjusting your stereo.

5. Long-Term Value

Boxed radar detectors will only last for so long. They offer inferior performance and can be unreliable. When you invest in a custom radar detector, you’re getting long-term value and more extensive protection against expensive speeding tickets. You also have more control over the complexity of your system. Instead of relying on a small dash-mounted unit with a relatively limited sensor, you could choose to install a custom system with multiple laser and radar detection sensors that integrate seamlessly into your vehicle.

These are some of the biggest advantages of installing a custom radar detector instead of purchasing potentially unreliable boxed radar detectors that offer middling performance. Samm Sound has more than 40 years of experience working with all types of electronic systems, including custom radar detection systems. Contact Samm Sound today to learn more about the benefits of a custom radar detector for your vehicle.

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