Who wouldn’t love bigger sound and better quality out of their car’s sound system? The good news is there are easy solutions now available that can upgrade your car’s sound system to the next level of functionality without breaking the bank or causing a mess of your interior.

One of the products loved by our customers is Alpine’s KTA-450 Power Pack Amplifier. The sleek and minimalist design of the KTA-450 makes it small enough to fit behind a standard 2-DIN radio or in other hidden areas like your vehicle’s glove box. It’s also small enough to be used in a motorcycle’s saddlebag or on a boat.

The KTA-450 might be small, but it can produce a big sound system boost. The power behind that boost comes from the KTA-450’s Dynamic Peak Power (DPP) feature that doubles the power of your sound system – now you can turn up the sound without dialing down the quality. DPP intelligently adjusts the gain to adapt to musical needs. DPP prevents the KTA-450 from clipping by supplying up to double the power for sudden, dynamic sounds.

The KTA-450 can be mounted behind the iLX-W650 to create Alpine’s Power Duo, the most powerful 2-DIN radio on the market and a 2019 CES Innovation Awards Winner. The KTA-450’s recessed harness receptacle allows the wiring to fold between it and the head unit so both products fit in the standard 2-DIN space. The KTA-450 includes a mounting bracket for the iLX-W650, but it can be installed behind any of Alpine’s mech-less (no CD/DVD) 2-DIN head units.