With over 40 years installing automotive audio, video and accessories, we take pride in our custom design, attentive service and competitive prices for any budget.

Customers have been enlisting us to enhance their cars’ audio systems, add convenient solutions, such as back-up sensors, navigation systems and remote start, install vehicle entertainment systems (such as headrest TVs) and radar detectors, and upgrade car security systems for years. We even offer vehicle-tracking systems for fleet management, allowing businesses to locate trucks on the road. We also have hands-free Bluetooth accessories, antennas, licenses plate frames and other accessories.

Located right behind SAMM Sound’s main showroom is our state-of-the-art garage, where all of our auto work is completed. Our multi-car installation facility allows us to perform all custom installations on-site and our auto specialists are second to none. We’ll be happy to help you along every step of the process and answer any questions that may arise. Area car dealerships often contract us to do custom audio/video work that goes above and beyond the factory systems.


Does your vehicle’s factory stereo provide you with functionality that you want? Do the car speakers provide the sound quality you crave? Car owners have been coming to SAMM Sound to enhance their automobile stereos, speakers and sound systems for over 40 years.

Upgrade your vehicle’s sound system with the latest equipment from the leaders in car receivers, speakers, amplifiers and subwoofers. Brands we carry for automobile audio include Alpine, Blaupunkt, Helix HiFi, Hertz, Memphis Audio, Pioneer and Sony. Our custom vehicle audio installation will make sure your car looks as incredible as it sounds.
We offer seamless car stereo integration with your iPod or iPhone, allowing you to play your favorite music, answer phone calls wirelessly using a Bluetooth connection and more. We also offer commercial-free music with Sirius XM internet/satellite radio. SiriusXM subscriptions are available in a range of packages and include channels for music, talk radio, sports radio, weather, and traffic, as well as Sirius online channels.

Come to our showroom to “try before you buy” and check out car sound systems and other car audio technologies in our automotive stereos and sound systems studio. Test the power of our automotive speakers, or browse our range of audio interfacing and accessories: Crux Interfacing, Lightning Audio, Memphis Audio, Pac Audio, Grom Technologies, power inverters, Dynamat sound damping, Scosche mounts for your mobile devices, and car air horns, to name a few. Our trained staff will be happy to help you with your decision.

  • Create an amazing automotive audio experience
  • Integrate with iPhones and iPods
  • Add Sirius XM satellite radio
  • Impress others’ with a rockin’ vehicle audio system and speakers

Entertainment and Video

A peaceful passenger experience translates to a better driving experience. Keep your family entertained with a mobile video entertainment system. SAMM Sound offers a range of possibilities when it comes to rear-seat automotive entertainment systems.

Choose from headrest monitors or overhead car monitors from brands including Audiovox, Rosen Entertainment, Tracvision and Alpine. Play your family’s favorite movies or let us integrate your favorite video game console into your vehicle. Movies can be integrated in a few different ways including a headrest dvd player or portable dvd players for your car. The sound from these movies travels through the car’s audio system. We can perform car audio installation, in addition to video installation with monitors and car DVD players.

Let’s not forget about the driver! We offer portable and custom-installed navigation systems. Never get lost again or scramble to find your printed directions with turn-by-turn GPS and navigation systems right at your fingertips. We offer systems from Alpine, Garmin, Magellan and Pioneer. We offer multipurpose video monitors that can be used to control the car radio or stereo, and can support car camera viewing.

  • Entertain the family during long car trips
  • Headrest and overhead solutions
  • Integrate video game consoles, USB and AUX devices
  • Turn-by-turn navigation
  • Mobile GPS keeps you from getting lost
  • Easily select songs or radio channels from a large monitor
Custom Entertainment and Video for your car

Safety and Convenience

Imagine how much easier (and safer) parallel parking would be if your car alerted you any time you got too close to each car? And how much safer you’d feel if you could see exactly what is behind your car as you move in reverse? Automotive safety cameras can do just that.

Our auto specialists are experts in rear view camera installation. We’ll make sure to install the best system for your vehicle, including Echomaster and Nav-TV products. For instance, if your car cannot support automotive camera installation, we can install front and rear backup sensors that alert drivers with an audible beep or backup sirens if something is in the proximity. Of course, these sensors can be applied in addition to automobile safety cameras. Or, if your car doesn’t have a monitor for dashboard camera installation, we will replace the rear view mirror and install a mirror that includes a builtin
monitor, such as Gosher BlindSpot Detection. We also offer technologies like Mobileye, which aids in collision avoidance by detecting potentially hazardous scenarios and alerting the driver.

Over a million vehicles are stolen each year. We can help you protect your car with DEI alarms and vehicle recovery systems by Safekey GPS and Directed Electronics SmartStart GPS. We can also install SafeKey ignition interlock systems to prevent drunk driving, or as mandated by the court. Additionally, increased visibility can be a lifesaver in bad weather. Visit our showroom for automotive lighting, such as PIAA increased wattage bulbs and fog lights. While you’re there, check out some of our other services to protect your car, including ClearBra 3M paint protection and car window tinting.

  • Parallel park with ease
  • Prevent auto accidents and auto theft
  • Drive better in bad weather
  • Increase safety, detect collisions before they happen
Custom Automotive Safety

Remote Starter

Brrr! With winters as cold as they’ve been, wouldn’t it be sooo convenient if you could warm up your car and defrost your windshield without ever leaving your home? Or how about turning on the airconditioning in advance during the hot, hot summers? Getting a new car alarm or remote starter system has never been this simple!

At SAMM Sound, we install a variety of remote start solutions, including Avital, Automate, Clifford and other Directed Electronics brands, as well as Flashlogic and MidCity Engineering. Our vehicle remote starter systems allow you to auto start your vehicle by using a remote control, which also integrates with car security systems. This means that your car is locked and the alarm system is on until you are ready to go—what a relief!

Remote Car Starter systems offer a safe and convenient alternative to leaving car keys in the ignition, or heading out in the morning to a freezing cold car or scalding hot seats.

Our auto specialists will be happy to provide you with a consultation to ensure you get the best system for you and your car. We can perform your remote starter installation In our custom garage, where our experts also work on car stereo installations, navigation and radar systems and more.

  • Safe and convenient vehicle remote start
  • Stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer
  • Start your car without leaving the home
  • Keeps car locked to prevent theft

Radar Detectors

Protect yourself from costly speeding tickets by avoiding detection in the first place with our high quality radar detectors. We offer a range of radar detection and laser detection solutions from mounted detectors to completely integrated premium systems. Our car specialists can custom install a radar detection system so that it is completely undetectable, except for when it’s alerting you.

Our most popular systems include K40 detectors and Escort Passport radar detectors, which are noted as being among the best in the industry. Speeding ticket prevention is crucial, unless you want to pay the price with hefty fines and points on your license. Our automotive installation experts can install radar detectors as discretely as you’d like, all in our onsite garage. Whether you want the system custom mounted or LEDs integrated into the instrument gauges for a stealth installation, our auto specialists are happy to work with you to make sure you have the best radar detector solution for you and your car.

  • Prevent speeding tickets from police radar guns and detectors
  • Custom radar detector installation hides radar equipment
  • Premiere technologies minimize false detection and provide broad detection range

Fleet Management

Fleet Management is crucial for professional organizations employing fleets of cars or trucks. SAMM Sound provides fleet management solutions that enable businesses to track each device through a GPS system. Keep an eye on each member of your fleet, and improve logistics by knowing which vehicle is closest to the desired location. If you’re contracted by other businesses, keep track of billing more accurately and recoup on your investment even further.

This wireless vehicle tracking enables businesses to:

  • Accurately bill for transportation services
  • Locate an employee, shipment or truck at a moment’s notice
  • Monitor driver productivity
  • Be proactive in the event of an emergency

We also offer and install GPS systems, rear view cameras, backup sensors, radar detectors, collision avoidance systems, bluetooth integration and other safety technologies for your vehicles.

In addition, we carry two-way radios for easier communicating across your company’s campus, available at extremely affordable rates. These radios can be used by security personnel, shipping and receiving, school officials, and any other employees that need access to quick communication.


Out on the open ocean, lake, bay or wherever your boat may take you, ship out on marine adventures in comfort with high-quality audio video equipment.

At SAMM Sound, we can outfit your boat or yacht with weather-resistant sound systems. Listen to the radio or hook your iPod up to the receiver and blast your favorite tunes. We offer a range of speaker systems to ensure your sound quality is the best on the water and spread around the boat, so that it can be enjoyed by everyone on board. Some top Marine AV brands we carry are Alpine, Fusion, Memphis Audio, Tracvision and Wetsounds.

We can also outfit your marine vessel with televisions for entertainment on board—especially great for permanent living or long trips.

  • Listen to your favorite music at sea
  • Enjoy high-quality sound throughout the boat
  • Take TV entertainment on a long cruise
Automotive Marine Solutions