Commercial Automation

Many offices have moved toward the “Smart Conference Room.” Our commercial automation solutions enable employees to easily control the lights, projector, and other features in the room. For instance, office automation could be set that once the projector is turned on, the lights automatically dim.

Our commercial automation systems ensure that employees’ productivity isn’t hindered by difficult-to-use and deploy office systems. In the click of a button, users will be up and running, ready for the meeting to get started. Couple automation tools with our other offerings, like smart TVs and projector systems to impress visitors and staff. Easy access to advanced technologies is sure to increase efficiency around the office. We offer brands including Clearone, Crestron, Epson, InFocus, Polycom and Control 4.

  • Start meetings in an instant
  • Make dimming the lights during a presentation a snap
  • Save electricity

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