Commercial Video

Adding commercial video to the workplace is an effective way to improve customer experience and productivity. We can provide televisions for sports bars, restaurants, waiting rooms, and conference rooms. We can also enhance the conference room experience with projectors and audio/video conferencing with our commercial video solutions. You can hook up your TV screens to cable, preset DVDs, or use them as digital signage, displaying menus, welcome screens or maps of the office complex. With commercial video from SAMM Sound, the possibilities are limitless.





At SAMM Sound we carry the best television brands including Samsung, LG Electronics, Sony, Sunbrite TVs for outdoors and even Seura Mirror TVs—perfect for restrooms, hotels and retail. Everywhere you go these days, businesses are incorporating video screens. Restaurants update menus digitally, eliminating the need for time-consuming manual processes or printed signs; sports bars play the biggest games on dozens of TV screens, drawing in huge crowds year-round. Doctor’s offices inform patients of the latest procedures, show customer success stories and play health-related news while patients are waiting to be seen. Nail salons, beauty parlors, gyms, schools, food stores, car dealerships, retail shops…the list goes on and on. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to take your business to the digital age and attract hundreds, or even thousands of new customers.

  • Attract new customers with highdefinition TVs
  • Enhance your customer experience in the waiting room
  • Increase productivity in the conference room
  • Improve your digital signage with display boards
  • Make your bathroom mirrors multifunctional with Mirror TVs

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