Commercial Audio

Forget the old-school “elevator music.” Businesses today have been providing customers and employees with trendy, commercial-free music with music streaming services designed for commercial use. For example, these systems can play holiday themed music during the holidays, and ensure no songs inappropriate for the workplace are played. They’re also uninterrupted, so customers won’t be listening to commercials for another business, while they’re at yours. Not only can we hook your business up with these streaming services, but we can install the entire sound system, including in-wall or ceiling speakers. We’ll make sure your business has the best-quality sound for your needs.

As part of our commercial audio installation, we can make your business fully integrated by integrating paging systems for seamless communication throughout the office. We can also incorporate multi-room controls, so that sound can be controlled no matter what room you’re in. Many offices incorporate sound systems as light background noise, as the office environment is becoming increasingly open. These systems help lessen the distraction of neighbors, increasing employee productivity.



Whether you’re a restaurant or establishment looking for light background music, or a sports bar that wants to incorporate full surround sound, we’ve got you covered with our commercial audio solutions.


  • Control what music is played at your establishment
  • Tailor audio to your clientele
  • Discrete speaker systems blend into your décor
  • Control your audio remotely with automation systems

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