Residential Audio

Imagine if your music could follow you around the house as you go about your day. From the kitchen, to the dining room, and even outside on the deck, SAMM Sound can give you a seamless audio experience by installing in-wall speakers, which blend in with your home’s aesthetic with built-in controls. For all your listening needs, SAMM Sound will provide the best speakers, from in-ceiling, in-wall, on-wall, bookshelf, & floor standing.

One of the most popular whole house music systems today is Sonos, and SAMM Sound is one of the leading Sonos dealers in the US and in New Jersey, and has been since the company first launched over 10 years ago. The Sonos creates a dedicated wireless network for your Sonos system to extend the range of your existing network and ensure a clear connection, no matter what room you’re in and allows you to easily control your music content off of an iOS & Android App.


In addition to Sonos, SAMM Sound also carries sound equipment from Monitor Audio, Origin Acoustics, Integra Home Theater, Sony, Marantz, Artison, Audiocontrol, Sunfire, Bose, Martin Logan, Yamaha, Cambridge Audio, JBL, Niles Audio, RBH Sound, Sonance, Speakercraft, Stealth Acoustics, TDG Audio and. Plus, we have multi-room audio systems from Control 4, Universal Remote, and Sonos.

SAMM Sound can also supply customers with furniture, which is built specifically for strong equipment, such as your stereo system, while still providing optimal sound quality. For example, in many home theaters specific seating makes for the ideal viewing and listening experience. We carry furniture from BDI, Chief, Middle Atlantic, Omni-mount, Salamander Designs and Sanus Systems.

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