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Did you remember to lock the door when you left the house? Turn off the lights? With a home automation system, those questions will never bother you again. Step into the world of smart living for convenience, cost-savings and peace of mind.

Home automation solutions let you remotely control everyday home functions, such as setting the temperature, controlling the lights, playing music, turning on a home theater system, locking and unlocking the door, opening and closing the garage, setting your alarm and more.

SAMM Sound offers solutions from Control4, Universal Remote Control “URC”, and Elan, as well as Lutron dimming systems, which are among the best home automation systems available. These systems can control practically any device or function in the home. Whether you just want to control one or two functions, your entire home, or multiple homes, SAMM Sound will work with you to ensure a perfect installation.

Here are some of the possibilities enabled by home automation:

  • Control the thermostat while you’re out of the house to help reduce your energy bill, while still being able to come home to a comfortable temperature
  • Unlock the door for early guests or service technicians, and set the alarm when they leave
  • Set vacation mode to wirelessly turn lights on and off while you’re away
  • Make sure the garage door is closed
  • Ditch the stash of remotes: program and control all aspects of your home from one app – including music, TV, lighting and all of the features mentioned above.

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