Fleet Management


Fleet Management is crucial for professional organizations employing fleets of cars or trucks. SAMM Sound provides fleet management solutions that enable businesses to track each device through a GPS system. Keep an eye on each member of your fleet, and improve logistics by knowing which vehicle is closest to the desired location. If you’re contracted by other businesses, keep track of billing more accurately and recoup on your investment even further.

This wireless vehicle tracking enables businesses to:

  • Accurately bill for transportation services
  • Locate an employee, shipment or truck at a moment’s notice
  • Monitor driver productivity
  • Be proactive in the event of an emergency


We also offer and install GPS systems, rear view cameras, backup sensors, radar detectors, collision avoidance systems, bluetooth integration and other safety technologies for your vehicles.

In addition, we carry two-way radios for easier communicating across your company’s campus, available at extremely affordable rates. These radios can be used by security personnel, shipping and receiving, school officials, and any other employees that need access to quick communication.

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