Remote Starters

Remote Starter

Brrr! With winters as cold as they’ve been, wouldn’t it be sooo convenient if you could warm up your car and defrost your windshield without ever leaving your home? Or how about turning on the airconditioning in advance during the hot, hot summers? Getting a new car alarm or remote starter system has never been this simple!

At SAMM Sound, we install a variety of remote start solutions, including Avital, Automate, Clifford and other Directed Electronics brands, as well as Flashlogic and MidCity Engineering. Our vehicle remote starter systems allow you to auto start your vehicle by using a remote control or the Smart  Start System which enables you to start your car from virtually anywhere with your smart phone. This means that your car is locked and the alarm system is on until you are ready to go—what a relief!


Remote Car Starter systems offer a safe and convenient alternative to leaving car keys in the ignition, or heading out in the morning to a freezing cold car or scalding hot seats.

Our auto specialists will be happy to provide you with a consultation to ensure you get the best system for you and your car. We can perform your remote starter installation In our custom garage, where our experts also work on car stereo installations, navigation and radar systems and more.


  • Safe and convenient vehicle remote start
  • Stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer
  • Start your car without leaving the home
  • Keeps car locked to prevent theft

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