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Automotive Safety & Convenience

Imagine how much easier (and safer) parallel parking would be if your car alerted you any time you got too close to each car? And how much safer you’d feel if you could see exactly what is behind your car as you move in reverse? Automotive safety cameras can do just that.

Our auto specialists are experts in rear view camera installation. We’ll make sure to install the best system for your vehicle, including Echomaster and Nav-TV products. For instance, if your car cannot support automotive camera installation, we can install front and rear backup sensors that alert drivers with an audible beep or backup sirens if something is in the proximity. Of course, these sensors can be applied in addition to automobile safety cameras. Or, if your car doesn’t have a monitor for dashboard camera installation, we will replace the rear view mirror and install a mirror that includes a built in monitor.  Or replace your stock radio with a screen radio with available blind spot detection and side assist. We also offer technologies llike Mobileye, which aids in collision avoidance by detecting potentially hazardous scenarios and alerting the driver.


Over a million vehicles are stolen each year. We can help you protect your car with DEI alarms and vehicle recovery systems by Safekey GPS and Directed Electronics SmartStart GPS. We can also install SafeKey ignition interlock systems to prevent drunk driving, or as mandated by the court. Additionally, increased visibility can be a lifesaver in bad weather. Visit our showroom for automotive lighting, such as PIAA increased wattage bulbs and fog lights. While you’re there, check out some of our other services to protect your car, including ClearBra 3M paint protection and car window tinting.

  • Parallel park with ease
  • Prevent auto accidents and auto theft
  • Drive better in bad weather
  • Increase safety, detect collisions before they happen

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