Radar Detectors

Radar Detectors

Protect yourself from costly speeding tickets by avoiding detection in the first place with our high quality radar/laser  detectors. We offer a range of radar detection and laser detection solutions from mounted detectors to completely integrated premium systems. Our car specialists can custom install a radar detection system so that it is completely undetectable, except for when it’s alerting you.

Our most popular systems include K40 detectors (we’re a Premiere Dealer) , Escort Passport and Radenso with AL priority laser jammer. Speeding ticket prevention is crucial, unless you want to pay the price with hefty fines and points on your license. Our automotive installation experts can install radar detectors as discretely as you’d like, all in our onsite garage. 


  • Prevent speeding tickets from police radar guns and detectors
  • Custom radar detector installation hides radar equipment
  • Premiere technologies minimize false detection and provide broad detection range

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